Our Services


Restaurant Consulting

We provides end-to-end services in restaurant development for Quick Service Restaurants, Delivery Kitchens, Lounge Bar Setup, Resto Bars, Casual, Fine Dining & Live Kitchen concepts, Cafés & Cloud Kitchens for Online Food Deliveries.


QSR Setup Consultants

We are passionate about providing clients with cost-effective, integrated, and easy to use restaurant technology systems. Our goal is to make the lives of restaurant operators easier by using technology that saves both time and labor.


Concept Development & Interior Theme

A theme and idea creation behind setting up a restaurant is our expertise. We create ingenious concepts in sync with the brand logo, interiors, exteriors, packaging, and the menu, clear and creative options for effective counter communication, and overall visual appearance. Theme development includes suggested designs for crockery, tabletops, & color combinations, hanging accessories, facade, exit door, roof, and floor.


Restaurant Online PR & Marketing

From online PR and marketing service of the restaurant to end-to-end service in digital marketing, involving food bloggers and influencers on online pages and boosting up online page ratings like Zomato and Google, we cover it all. Creating customer interactive contest alerts & attractive offers, managing social media pages, and focus on the growth of Zomato and Swiggy online orders is also our expertise.


Technical Kitchen Designing

Perfect food photography can do wonders for your food business. Whether you are looking for advertising, styling, and photography services, we have it covered! We expertise in food plating, presentation, and standardizing SOPs for playing and styling. Allow our team of Chefs to show your dish’s best qualities.


Menu Engineering

We can create unique menus, decide the cuisine as per our market research and outlet space, design theme around the menu, and fix the costing. Developing recipes and ideating unique selling points is our primary motto. With a correct menu plan, we ensure your brand achieve Operational Expertise, reduced food cost, avoid wastage, and maximize sales numbers.


Restaurant Operational Procedures (SOPs)

The operational procedures are trained to the staff members which includes – reporting structure, the standardization of recipes and processes, policies, kitchen SOP’s, Bar SOP’s, kitchen standards, hygiene, FIFO, storage SOP’s, wastage control, ordering and receiving procedures, guest relations, up-selling, etc. The restaurant owner is also trained in managing the staff, guidelines to reporting checks, business procedures, operations, monitoring the process & staff, etc. The operational checklist for each department is prepared and trained.


Influencer Marketing & PR

Micro-influencers add excellent brand value. Food bloggers and other such micro-influencers are considered experts on the issue of restaurants, and their verdict can be taken as a guarantee of a great experience and even better food. Because of their presence on social media, they can also increase your online page reach and ensure the people to know who you are.


Delivery Kitchen Setup/ Cloud Kitchen

Delivery kitchen/Cloud kitchen is a concept developed with multiple cuisines running under a cloud kitchen in the backend. To have maximum business squeezed in online for cloud kitchens, we develop the same based on the detailed market research for area orders cuisine wise from north Indian, Chinese, Asian, Continental, Italian, Experimental & South Indian cuisines. We also work on the collaboration of restaurants with online aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats.